Thinking About Renovating?

Consider The Following before embarking on the journey…

Thinking of Renovating your home all by yourself. Are you stuck in the midst of a Renovation and don’t know what to do. Call us today!

Renovation can be adventerous or a disaster depending on the type of project your are into. As Renovation Consultants we help you to destress the renovation fatigue and provide you guidance and advice on all the aspects of your project.

We provide:

  • Guidance throughout the entire renovation process
  • Advice on all decisions that require answers during the various stages of your project
  • Guidance on choosing the right material and pricing to fit your budget
  • If required the right professionals necessary to complete your project

The right Renovation can save you lot of money and time if done correctly. Or it could result in costly fixes and time overrun. We provide advice and support as required in getting city permits. The whole process can include design, submitting drawings, applying for permits and finally inspections by the city inspectors. We guide you in all aspects of this process and make it as simple as possible for your project.